• He never wears a watch for his boyfriend. Is it embarrassing to wear it?

    He never wears a watch for his boyfriend. Is it embarrassing to wear it?

    Watches are now a must-have for men to go out, because men don’t have many accessories for matching. A good watch can not only make clothes more decent, but also show their own image invisibly. However, the current watch price division range is very large, ranging from hundreds of thousands to te...
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    The body color of the Swiss Super-LumiNova® pigment can be matched to almost any desired color. Color developments are normally done according to the Pantone Formula Guide (solid coated/solid uncoated), but other refer...
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    These are highly glossy enamel white dials for individuals who likes sterile dials or wishes to customise their own creations onto a blank slate. This blank di...
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  • Buckles Collection

    Factory Products Our professional production of 304/316L stainless steel with high quality watch buckle,watchband and watchcase factory. About Size The size of each model is have marked.If the size is not clear,you can contact the customer service directly,and you can cu...
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  • Qualities of Swiss Super-LumiNova

    SWISS SUPER-LUMINOVA BGW9 C3 Super-Luminova What is SuperLumiNova BGW9? Swiss SuperLumiNova BGW9 is a phosphorescent pigment, otherwise known as Lume, emits a BlueGreen glow in the dark (as the name suggest) when properly charged by either sunlight or artificial light.  In a daylight condition, B...
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  • Stainless steel colors

    DIAMOND LIKE CARBON (DLC) DLC coating (Diamond-Like Carbon coating) is a special protective layer, also referred to as amorphous carbon. DLC is made with a chemical vapor deposition technique. The chemicals are deposited in a vacuum environment with the help of an inert gas that places the carbon...
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  • Our official website is online.

    Our official website is online.

    TIMEZONE WATCH,LTD. OEM/ODM Custom Services Timezone Watch,Ltd.currently produces top quality products over ten years.We handle everything from high end component parts production to full OEM watch production from start to finish.We can handle all of your OEM/ODM production, and priva...
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